Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Almas is the hairy wildman of Europe, a man-sized biped with long orange or golden hair. This hair is silky, and the creature seems more sleek and gentle than other hominid cryptids such as the Yeti or the Yeren. They appear in many local legends of Russia and Mongolia. They are similar to humans genetically, and in some cases may have been mistaken for wild people and become parts of a normal human community. However, the people (who may have been Almas) in these cases often lost children in infancy and never grasped the ability to speak, which differentiated them from normal people. The Almas is clearly different from any other hominid cryptid, and is definately not a subspecies of any one of them. However, it could be a human or neandertal subspecies due to its similarity with homo sapiens, physically and perhaps genetically. Some depictions of this creature are less human and more bigfoot-like, so perhaps there are two species. The pictured Almas is of the second variety.

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