Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beast of Bodmin and Beast of Exmoor

The Beasts of Bodmin and Exmoor are large, panther-like cats that roam in the UK. Both of them are described as phantoms in some tales, but in reality, these creatures are most likely just very stealthy. These creatures have traits of both pumas and panthers, so they may be a crossbreed. Most likely, if a population of these creatures exists , it started with escaped zoo animals that were never reported due to legal concerns. Over time the animals may have started families and formed populations. They could also be remnants of a supposedly-extinct European leopard species. These cats, like other alien big cats (ABCs), have been blamed for large amounts of wildlife mutilation and livestock loss. Of course, the culprits may be wolves, but it is always possible that giant cats are the beasts responsible.

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