Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nemean Lion

The mythological Nemean Lion was one of Typhon's eight children, and like its siblings, it was a very powerful monster. While at first it seemed to be nothing more than a large, strong lion, this creature posessed two very potent weapons. The first was its impenetrable hide, which could repel any weapon; the second was its claws, which could slice through any material. These claws turned out to be even more powerful than the beast's amazing hide, for after Heracles killed the lion, he used its own claws to flay off its hide. Killing the Nemean Lion was the first of Heracles' twelve great labors. When his arrows bounced off of the lion's hide, Heracles was forced to kill it slowly by stunning it with his club and throttling it. The lion's skin later was used by Heracles to form a cloak that protected him from any weapon.

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