Saturday, November 29, 2008


The Chimaera was another multiheaded monster from Greek mythology. Of all of Typhon's eight children, the Chimaera was arguably the most powerful. This creature was a horrendous mix of lion, snake, and goat, and all three of its heads could emit powerful blasts of fire. Chimaera also had a multitude of other weapons at its disposal, such as a poisonous spray it could emit from its snake head and slashing claws on its front legs. In some descriptions this creature also had a pair of eagle's wings, which made it an even more versatile adversary. For years the Chimaera prowled the Greek countryside, preying on livestock and those foolish enough to approach it. Eventually, the hero Bellerophon killed the monster by attacking it from the air on his winged steed Pegasus. He then stabbed the monster through its fire-gushing throat with a lead-pointed spear. The spear point melted and the poisonous molten metal flowed into the Chimaera's stomach and lungs, destroying it within minutes. Bellerophon met his own untimely death shortly afterwards, when he tried to fly Pegasus up to the palace of the gods on Mount Olympus. Zeus, the king of the gods, took offense to this and sent a horsefly to sting Bellerophon's mount. Pegasus bucked the unfortunate monster-killer off, and Bellerophon plunged towards his death on the ground miles below.

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