Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is an unusual beast. It is a biped that dwells in North America, in particular New Jersey's Pine Barrens. It has cloven hooves, brown fur that may have stripes, batlike wings, clawed front limbs, a horselike head, and glowing eyes. Its eerie, terrifying screech has frightened all who have heard it. The Jersey Devil was supposedly the cursed child of one Mother Leeds, though in fact this is unlikely since records of a strange beast in the area date back to local Native Americans. This creature has destroyed some livestock and pets, and has left evidence in the form of footprints. It is clear that it is not any form of known creature, so if the appearance most expect of it is true, the monster is most likely a new species. However, much of this animal's description may be an exaggeration. A number of these traits may have been tacked on to make the beast resemble a real devil. The original Native American legend tells of a more Bigfoot-like creature, so in fact the Devil may be another cryptid hominid.

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