Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Hoboken Monkey-Man

This may be the most obscure cryptid I've ever described.  You won't find it on Wikipedia, or in most crypto-books.  I've seen it detailed in only two sources -- both of which are listed below.  The first is "Weird NJ", a magazine which brought the creature to my attention.  The second is a newspaper article, which partially debunks the myth.

But let's start with the story.  The Hoboken Monkey-Man, so it's said, is a decades-old urban legend.  Around Halloween 1982, rumors about the creature spread through the school system -- passed student-to-student in hallway whispers.  According to these tales, children were being attacked by a half-human monster.  It would kidnap them, toss them out windows, and even attempt to murder them.  Some said that students had gone missing; others that a teacher had been killed.

These claims were completely false, as the Hoboken police reported.  No students had been harmed, and no monster had been sighted.  Still, the hysteria spread, encouraged in part by local parents.  The year 1982 was marked by several kidnappings -- leaving parents worried for their children.  They used the Monkey-Man as a scare tactic, encouraging safety through fear.  Eventually, the Monkey-Man tales died down -- but Hoboken residents have not forgotten them.

Was there really a Monkey-Man?  Almost certainly not.  This cryptid's likelihood is often overstated, due to a false claim made in "Weird NJ".  The magazine tells us the Monkey-Man was taken seriously -- so seriously, in fact, that the police devoted a task force to the creature.  This is untrue, as the Hoboken police force has confirmed.  The Monkey-Man is an urban legend, backed by no real evidence whasoever.

Note:  There are no public-domain images of the Hoboken Monkey-Man.  The image here is a public-domain picture of a macaque from,_Barbary_Macaque_(Macaca_sylvanus)_-_Tierpark_Gera_09.jpg.  Awww.

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