Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Picture?

Hello, all!

For the first time ever, I've posted about a creature without including a picture.  This is due to a new policy I'm instating:  the exclusive use of public-domain images.  I write this blog for fun, and it doesn't make me a dime -- but that doesn't mean I can't be sued.  While I don't think that's probable, I'd rather not chance it, and so I'm switching to images I can use risk-free.

Many of my old posts include copyrighted images -- I'm aware of that, and I'm working on fixing it.  Bit by bit, I'll be changing this blog's pictutes, and soon enough everything will be clean.  The only problem is that no non-copyright images EXIST of certain cryptids.  That's why the Enfield Horror has no picture -- and why a few other cryptids will also lack one.

In better news, the blog is still going strong!  I've missed a few days since BeastPedia restarted, sure -- but I've also written some fifty posts, and revamped a ton of old ones.  The project continues on!

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