Monday, August 24, 2009


The Waheela is a North American cryptid wolf-creature reported from parts of Canada and Alaska. It occupies a range that lies to the very north end of the continent, where it dwells in largely uninhabited forests. This creature resembles a wolf, but differs in a few key respects. First, it is far larger, and generally paler in coloration. Second, its range is much more limited, as it dwells only in cold northern climates. Most importantly, while normal wolves are very social animals that move in large packs, the Waheela is solitary and hunts alone. This creature is also more agressive than a wolf, as according to folklore this creature is known to kill and mutilate humans who wander into its territory. The Waheela may be of a species known as the amphycionids, or bear-dogs. The amphycionids were prehistoric canids that like the Waheela were large, solitary and wolf-like, so they match many of this cryptid's most important traits. The Waheela also resembles several mythical beasts, such as the Inuit monster wolf Amarok. This creature was a large white wolf that devoured hunters and hunted alone. The mythological Norse wolf Fenrir was also very similar to this creature in appearance.

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