Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sucuriju Gigante

The Sucuriju Gigante, or Giant Anaconda, as it is sometimes known, is a monstrous snake reported from several different countries of South America, especially Brazil. It is identified with various snakes, like the anaconda or boa, though it is probably more similar to the anaconda due to its aquatic nature. This huge snake is sometimes reported as reaching 150 feet in size, and dwells almost entirely in water. It is said to have yellow, glowing, lamp-like eyes that have a hypnotic effect on viewers. This monstrous serpent is a constrictor, squeezing the life out of its hapless prey and swallowing it whole. However, it is easily defeated, and several are supposed to have been shot dead by witnesses to this creature. Photos circulate of this beast, many dating back to the mid 1900s, but many are suspected to be hoaxes. The Sucuriju Gigante also figures in the mythology of native tribes, and many revere it as a sort of creator god or guardian of the waters.

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