Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Con Rit

The Con Rit, or Sea Centipede, is a very unusual Vietnamese cryptid sea serpent. It does not resemble a snake of any sort as do most sea serpents, but instead it appears to be an arthropod. The Con Rit is usually described as aa 60-150 foot long centipede-like creature with many paddle-like fins instead of legs. Its body is covered in segmented armor plates like its land-dwelling relatives, and according to some reports it has several antennae. This particular feature of the Con Rit was first described by an ancient Greek general, who described the creature as having "hairy nostrils." This has later been taken to refer to antennae. At least one corpse of this cryptid has also been reported, though the body was found in 1883 and subsequently dumped out at sea. According to this accound the Con Rit was some 60 feet long and found headless on the beach. The carcass was disposed of after its stench became too much for those examining it. If indeed the Con Rit exists, it would be the largest arthropod known to man by far. Just this fact alone makes its existence very unlikely, especially as it lives in the sea.

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