Monday, August 24, 2009


The Ahool is a large cryptid bat native to the Indonesian island of Java. It is greater in size than any known bat, with a wingspan of almost fifteen feet, and its body is the size of a human infant. The creature has a flat, squashed, human-like face and a loud wailing cry that can be heard for miles. The sound made by this cry (ahooOOOOool) gives this cryptid its name. The Ahool is assumed to be generally tree-dwelling as are most jungle bats, but it has also been seen squatting on the forest floor. The Ahool is grey in coloration and blends well into the night environment in which it lives-- this creature is nocturnal. This leaves some doubt as to its appearance, since sightings of it are often not clear. It has been suggested that the Ahool is a bird, a pterosaur, or even a winged monkey. However, the general consensus is that the Ahool is a giant bat, perhaps related to the flying fox.

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