Saturday, May 30, 2009


Oceanus was one of the first generation of Titans, a group of primitive Greek deities that predated the Olympian gods. He fought against the gods like his brothers in the Titanomachy, and was on the losing side. He personified the giant ocean that was believed to surround the world, and he was the father of the Oceanids: nymphs who controlled all of the world's rivers, oceans, lakes and streams. Like the other first-generation Titans, he married one of his sisters: Tethys. Interestingly, Oceanus seems to have been one of the only Titans who was on good terms with the Olympian gods after the end of the war. He was not thrown into Tartarus with most of his siblings, and even appeared at the wedding of the minor sea god Thetis. Even Greek heroes like Odysseus prayed to Oceanus like a god-- an honor given to no other Titan except Hyperion.

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