Monday, February 9, 2009

Vegetable Lamb

The Vegetable Lamb was a bizarre cross of plant-like and animal-like traits. This creature resembled a small, rabbit-sized lamb with extremely soft fur, though its skin was light green and it was connected to a plant by a stem. This stem provided the lamb with nutrients, as did the lamb's mouth, though neither could sustain a lamb alone. Thus, the lambs would die when they consumed all of the nutrients in the area. Sometimes multiple lambs would spring from one stem, which would expend the plants in the area even faster. The wool of these lambs was once a much-treasured resource, as it was both incredibly rare and incredibly soft. The value of this wool was increased even more due to the rarity of the creatures and the small wool yield from each one. This wool farming and their biological weaknesses seems to have led to the disappearance of the vegetable lamb as a species, though they may still have survived in small groups.

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