Thursday, August 7, 2008


Throughout the last decade goats and sheep in central and South America have been found drained of blood through puncture wounds in the chest or neck. These have been blamed on a new cryptid called the Chupacabra, or goatsucker. This creature resembles a wolf in size and shape, with a row of spines down its back, as well as two long fangs and, in some depictions, wings. It is often also portrayed as a green-skinned alienlike humanoid, though this is blatant sensationalism and few sightings support this claim. Chupacabras are often linked with UFOs and other extraterrestrial phemomena since lights in the sky and UFOs often occur in the areas where Chupacabras attack. It would be simple to dismiss the Chupacabra as a blood-drinking wolf, except to large mammals consume blood. It is far more likely that the Chupacabra is a new species entirely, a mutation, or completely nonexistant whatsoever.

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