Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Bunyip is a difficult beast to describe, as accounts of it vary from witness to witness. It features prominantly in Aboriginal mythology, and from all accounts it is a beast to be feared. This creature dwells in lakes, and is massive. They dwell in billabongs and come out at night, devouring any creature that comes near their watery abodes. They emit a loud, terrifying roar, and some major features that almost all accounts include are flippers, a horselike tail, and walruslike tusks. As its habitat is vanishing and since it has been sighted less and less over the years, the Bunyip may now be extinct. It is hard to say what the bunyip may be or have been, but one theory is that it is an example of prehistoric Austalian megafauna that managed to survive into the present day. The prehistoric beast Diprotodon is similar to the classic Bunyip in appearance and may be responsible for sightings of the monster.

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