Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blue Mountain Panther and Gippsland Phantom Cat

These two cryptids are both large puma-like cats that dwell in Australia. The Blue Mountain Panther is in fact a localized form of the second beast that only dwells in the more mountainous regions of the continent. There is much evidence that these creatures exist, as their footprints and hair have been found in Australia for over a century. Even recently, a hunter shot a large cat in the range of the Gippsland Phantom Cat and cut off its tail. When DNA tested, the tail was a perfect match for a large feral cat of some sort. Authorities cannot prove that these creatures exist, but even they concede that it is more likely than not. These creatures are probably not native, but instead a small population of a creature such as a mountain lion or panther that was imported, escaped, and bred to form a small population.

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