Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oscar, the Beast of 'Busco, is a giant crpytid turtle that was once routinely reported from Churabusco, Indiana, starting in 1948. It lived in a nearby pond and routinely picked off and ate livestock and pets, including chickens, dogs and occasionally calves. At first it was unknown what was killing the animals, but eventually, a local farmer spotted a turtle over fifteen feet long basking on the shore. It was seen several times throughout the next months, and it grew in popularity as a tourist attraction. Hundreds of people saw it on one occasion, and many traps were set to bring in the beast. One day, a local farmer finally lassoed the beast and attatched it to a chain pulled by four clydesdales. The turtle and the horses strained for hours, but the chain finally snapped and the turtle sunk back into the lake. It was never seen again, and many postulate that it died.

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