Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morag and Muc-sheilch

Morag is a lake monster that is very geographically similar to Nessie. This creature, also a plesiosaurid, lives in nearby Loch Morar. It is physically identical to Nessie, and if one exists, the other probably does. They are almost definately of the same species. Muc-Sheilch is a similar monster that lives in nearby Loch Maree and the surrounding small lochs. Not many descriptions of Muc-Sheilch exist, so it may not be a plesiosaurid but instead a giant eel, which would match some descriptions of the monster.


  1. In 2011 I was fishing in Loch Maree, clear skies, clear water, no wind. MY experience of once (!) in MY lifetime !! Nothing seemed to be interested in my angling there. After 2,5 hrs being busy with doing .. nothing but walking alongside the benches of this beautiful lake and at least feeling satisfied with that evening at that location. I decided to go back the house on the lakeside. One last throwing of my artificial small (latex) fish with one hook in it. I turned my mill little faster then usual, because I was intending to quit. As if my bait was stuck to the bottom - I always said "I got the world hooked..!". I was angry of my stupidity to let my bait sink to the bottom, guessing my bait was between some rocks... But, rocks don't swim or move by itself. Do they? The angle of my fishing-line kept slowly - but surely - moving north.. away from my position. In one ongoing movement. I gave line. I kept on giving line. It kept on going away from me. My heart was jumping up-and-down in my chest. I did not see any moving of the surface of the loch, Loch Maree. No wave or anything like it... Still it was, like a submarine, moving away. My line was completely rolled off. One "snap"... Tjoijnk !! No line left, bait has gone. Fish - what else (?) - gone ALSO !! I NEVER was aware of what wás on my line. It was giant, that's for sure. The biggest fish (probably) I'd ever hooked. Or......

  2. I wasn't there alone. My brother in law saw me struggling with...WITH WHÁT.. and felt even HIS heart in his chest being aware what I was trying to do looked 'strange' at least.